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                     Trademark Registration Request

Fleteteverdha shpk will file your Trademark Application in Albania and will carry out all needed tasks before the Trademark Office in order to obtain the registration approval.


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     Trademark Albania or patent search and analysis

     Avoid Legal oppositions and objections

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Why order the comprehensive study before filing trademark?

During the trademark registration process it may occur that objections or third party oppositions arise.
In order to avoid them, Fleteteverdha shpk recommends to order, before filing a trademark application, a Comprehensive Study (Step one) of the Trademark. With the Study the client is properly informed and can evaluate the risks involved.

Albania Industrial Property.

Date of Entry into Force: July 8, 1994 except for Chapter 10, which entered into force on October 4, 1995
Notification States:
"Different articles of this law deal with imminent infringements on patents, trademarks, etc. Courts are authorised to grant an injunction to prevent infringement and any other remedy provided in law."
"Différents articles de cette loi concernent des atteintes imminentes aux brevets, aux marques, etc. Les tribunaux sont autorisés à rendre une injonction afin d'empêcher qu'une atteinte ne soit commise et à prendre toute autre mesure corrective prévue par la loi."
"Diferentes artículos de esta Ley tratan de las infracciones inminentes de patentes, marcas de fábrica o de comercio, etc. Los tribunales están facultados para dictar un mandamiento judicial para impedir una infracción y hacer uso de cualquier otro recurso previsto en la ley."


Trademark Information
Trademark name, classes, description of products and services, whether it includes a logotype


User Information
Details of the administrative contact.


Owner Information

Details of the individual or company that holds the Trademark

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