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                     Trademark Registration Certificate

Once this service is ordered, Fleteteverdha shpk will perform all necessary tasks to complete the registration of the trademark and obtain the Registration Certificate.
Fleteteverdha shpk
will periodically review Trademark Office news in order to timely inform our clients of any progress in the trademark process. In addition to notifying via email, we will be posting in “My Trademark” up to date information of the trademark process.
When the Trademark Registration Certificate is obtained Fleteteverdha shpk
will forward it to the address of the client.


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When do I get the Certificate?

As soon as the Registration Certificate is initiated,
Fleteteverdha shpk will complete all needed tasks before the Trademarks Office in order to obtain and forward the Certificate to your address. This takes about 14 days.

What is Trademark Watch?

The Trademark Watch is a periodical review of Trademark new files in search for Trademarks that present some graphic or phonetic similarity.
The purpose of this is to impede third parties from registering a trademark that can cause confusion and jeopardize the image of your Trademark.
If a request does conflict,
Fleteteverdha shpk will present to you all details of the similar request along with a recommendation on the appropriate course of action. .

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