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                     Trademark Comprehensive Study

Perform an in depth evaluation of possible oppositions and refusals that can arise during trademark registration process. Expert attorneys, based in the characteristics of your business and in current registrations, will inform you about the probabilities of trademark registration in Albania.


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     Trademark Albania or patent search and analysis

     Avoid Legal oppositions and objections

     Recommendations of experienced Attorneys






Why do I need the Study?

You will be able evaluate the probabilities of registration.

Near 35% of trademark applications are not finished because of objections that arise in the registration process. These objections can be originated for some of the following reasons:
Filing of a similar trademark (graphic or phonetic)
Filing of a notorious famous trademark.
Filing of a generic trademark.

You will be advised about the optimum protection.

Through the Comprehensive Study you will be advised over the classes that your trademark should be registered (and what products/services are included in each class). It is very important for your trademark to be registered correctly as you may not be protected if the registration does not cover the adequate classes, or you may be over-protected which means that you are wasting money in classes that are not necessary to register.

The Study simplifies the process.

Along with the registration search and recommendations, the Study presents a completed form on how the trademark should be filed. By allowing us to complete this process you will be sure that your trademark has been presented correctly.

Finally, you save time and money.

If you complete a prior evaluation about the probabilities of registration, you will probably avoid not only the associated costs of your trademark application in case of rejection, but also a large amount of time and energy, because usually the Trademark Office takes months to reject or accept a trademark.

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